Topic #212:If you could spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would you do?  

I just spent such a day.  Slept late, read and answered email while drinking coffee and eating waffles drenched with butter and maple syrup.  Did some work on my Be With Beauty Posts, did my Sunday chores so the house is not nice and clean.  Argued a bit with my husband and resolved some issues.  Worked a bit on  the trike I bought and am trying to get fit to ride as David has connected with a neighbor who says he can finish the job.  I hope so.  Had a light lunch, did some writing.  Approved a free furniture find of David’s–an oak cabinet that painted white that will finally fill the space in our dining area.  Cooked a great dinner, enjoyed it–veggie burgers smothered with cheese, mushrooms and onions;  salad with a creamy Balsemic dressing; pickled green beans; and iced ginger lemon chia tea.   Went to the swimming pool, came home and am now doing the Daily Word Post challenge.  Tomorrow will be much the same, but will be caring for grandson during the day, probably going to Shul services in the evening.   I really cannot think of any ways to spend my days that would please me more than the life I have now.  Travel a bit more, worry less about money, have a little more success with my various writings–all that would be nice, but I doubt that I would spend my days any differently.  I am content, I am grateful.

What would your perfect days look like?

Care, share, and stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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