TOMBSTONE THOUGHTS, YOUR TOMBSTONE IS YOUR PUNCH LINE TO YOUR LIFE.  HAVE YOU PLANNED YOURS?   I knew for years what I wanted mine to same.  When I was about sixteen, I fell in love with the statement “Her ways were ways of gentleness and her paths were paths of peace.”  Then I got a dose of reality and realized sometimes toughness was necessary.  And frankly, I didn’t come up with a satisfactory replacement.  Warrior fighting to bring peace to our world?

Often before writing my Daily Post I read what others  have said and yet again.   This was the link that started me thinking of taking a different approach: Lost In My Own Mind

Here are mine:

Waiting to greet you.
Can you give me a hand up?
They lied.
I’ve made friends with the worms.
I can’t hear your prayers.
Confession doesn’t work.
That’s all folks.
Cremation is hell.
Life is better.
Death is better.

Which to I like best?

They lied.

That’s all folks.

What will be your last words?

Laugh a little, share, care, and stay strong

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