74 PLUS 10 EQUALS 84.  Perhaps I’ll live to blow out 84 candles. That is how old I will be in 2021.  How old will you be in ten years?

Today’s Daily Post Challenge asked what you thought your life would be like in ten years.  I have a hard enough time predicting what I think my life will be like 10 months from now. Life is too full of the unexpected to think about ten years from now.  Not that I don’t have hopes, and mainly I would like to be here, be sane, be mobile, be living with David, be a loving part of my children and grand children’s life, and doing mostly what I do now every day.

That said, Kevin.MD posted a guest bloggers’ thoughts about what medicine would be like in 20 years.  Thought it an interested reading.

What medicine will be like 20 years from now.

Wonder if the warring powers will have managed to make a truce and do something about the uninsured and the under insured.   We need universal health care.  Sigh, Harry Truman tried to get a universal health care passed and failed. Still I am hopeful.

If I am dead, I don’t really want a tombstone, but I do like the Jewish custom of putting rocks on a grave.  Perhaps I’ll be looking down. Perhaps I’ll be looking up.  Perhaps the worms will have dined well.

Stay strong, share and care.

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