ARE YOU A LEADER, A FOLLOWER, OR SOMETHING OTHER?  Topic #221: Are you a leader or a follower?  This is one  of these questions that doesn’t have a yes or no answer.  I would want a guide through the Himalayan mountains,  but would prefer to lead out of towners when traversing my home town.

A FACT ABOUT THOSE OF US WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES:  When learning something, we generally do best with going our own way.  Because we don’t learn as others do; this means someone showing us their way might or might not work. For me, the best way to learn is to have written stuff and then to apply it as a kind of experiment to see how to do it my way.  That way of learning has some good attached to it; if shame doesn’t over take us, we often can be creative and blaze new paths.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Even if you don’t have a learning disability, it ofen helps to know your primary learning styles.  This is connected to an inventory and one that doesn’t ask you to buy anything.  My results were visual learning and I am a combination of visual and kinesthetic, but visual is strongest.   This means I generally:

  • take numerous detailed notes
  • tend to sit in the front
  • are usually neat and clean
  • often close their eyes to visualize or remember something
  • find something to watch if they are bored
  • like to see what they are learning
  • benefit from illustrations and presentations that use color
  • are attracted to written or spoken language rich in imagery
  • prefer stimuli to be isolated from auditory and kinesthetic distraction
  • find passive surroundings ideal

Learning this in adulthood was extremely helpful to me. Hope this little bit of knowledge will help you.

Stay strong, share and care.

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