Celebrating Son’s Day.  A Facebook friend said yesterday was son’s day and asked people to honor their sons.  For me everyday is son’s day.  My son’s taught me all about the need for strengthened my Emotional Fitness when they were growing up and they keep me strong now that I am heading down hill .  I am very  grateful will still love and enjoy each others.  Here is a picture of both my sons and grandsons.     The oldest grandson is five; the youngest just turned one.   Spurred on by my increasing deafness, I am learning along with the youngest how to sign.  As long as you are learning you are young and alive.

We all took a drive up Mount Evans last summer, and as you can see both grandsons are learning to swim.

If you don’t have children, share in a child’s life.  It does take a village to raise a child and being a Big Brother or Big Sister is a great way to be part of a child’s life.  One of my students founded and directs the Big Brothers and  Big Sisters of Israel.  I know some of you are in Israel.  Her program is one of the best BBBS programs and always needs more volunteers and more donations.  Remember sharing and  caring strengthens you and others.  Stay Strong.

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