STILL DON’T WANT TO BE GOD.  Topic #225: If you controlled the weather, what would it be like outside today?  Will say, love the weather I am in since I moved to Colorado.  Hated NYCITY’s humidity and heat; hated the cold wind blowing down the canyon of tall buildings, hated the snow about six hours after it fell and become grimy.  Here the sun shines almost every day, there is not the humidity that made you melt or freeze in the big Apple.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Don’ try to play god, even in your imagination; much healthier to stay focused on the parts of your life you have half a change to control.  That said I will once again promote my Remember What Matters Poster Coach  The poster shows first, but to use it properly you need to scroll down and read the directions.  Get it while it is free, because I do plan to take it off the free list next week.

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