YOU HAVE SIX WORDS TO CREATE A STORY.  GO FOR IT.   Topic #227: Hemingway once wrote a super short story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” What story can you write in six words?

Mine was very simple:  Needed topic, found one, all done.

Here are the ones I enjoyed the most as posted on both the topic page and the postaday pages

Rez  The flea story: Adam had ‘em.
runningoutofplaceandtime Hello? No, I am his WIFE.
mariadewaik  Feared dogs, got one, fears gone!
Stef  God looks down, sighs, then shrugs.
6 Precious Words   Epitaph: Earthling who thought she’s alien.
A whole story in six words Girl never meets boy, dies alone.
My Six Words Story “For rent: cute babies, born yesterday.” 

So post yours.

Stay strong, share and care.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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