Topic #229: Have you been where your parents were born.  Yes and yes.  My mother was born in Media, PA, a town her grandfather practically owned or so I am told.  I was born there and grew up there.  Media was a small town at the time, about 5000 people, surrounded by farm land.  For many years I thought my mother possessed psychic powers because she always knew what I was doing and particularly if I was misbehaving.  The truth was, people knew who I was and had no problem calling my mother is I was misbehaving.

My father was born on a farm in Salisbury, Maryland.  I spent at least one summer there, learning to ride a plow horse and discovering the horrors of segregation.  Think I was ten.  I suspect my father’s family had owned slaves before the Civil War, my Maryland cousins were prejudiced; something my father hated.  My mother’s grandfather was a cavalry captain on the Yankee side.  Her mother was one of the most prejudiced people I knew.

We are and are not our relatives.

No time to say more.

Stay strong, share and care.

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