WHAT’S FLYING AROUND HERE AND THERE?  Topic #232: Do you believe in UFOs? If yes, why do you think others don’t? If no, why do you think others do? With Irene visiting my East Coast friends–I have some in every state including Puerto Rica, I am worrying more about identifiable and named flying objects.  So Unidentified Flying Objects are one of those perhaps, perhaps not things.  I like most to think we are star-dust sent from a loving force to create a beautiful loving world.  I also wonder if the angels who visited during the days chronicled in Torah, might not have been visitors from outer space–maybe sent by a loving force to give us some ideas for living together in greater harmony.

If  I really understood why people believe what they believe, I’d probably me much richer than I am, but probably not much happier.

Part of my staying strong philosophy is when I don’t know I place my faith in the idea that comforts me most.  So I like thinking we the people started as star-dust sprinkled on a planet ripe for growth by a loving force.

Share, care, and stay strong.

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