WRITE A REVIEW.  Wasn’t going to take today’s challenge.  But then realized it might help some others if I reviewed  the Worksman Electric PortoTrike.  I decided to invest in an adult trike as I have balance problems; because there are a few hills where I live, I decided to get the electric model.  The Trike arrived six weeks ago and it has taken that long to put it together.  The directions were lousy, no over-all picture of the trike, no list or picture of various parts. The directions for the electrifying the Trike were not for the model I ordered.  I ordered two adaptations to the seat, but there were no directions for installing them.

Then there were other flaws–the factory assembled pieces were improperly installed–the front fender was attached in such a way that the front wheel would not turn until it had been taken off and reassembled.   The rear basket was to be attached with four screws, but the screws were misaligned.   Most difficult to resolve was the throttle which was  too small for the handle bar on this particular model.

Then there was customer service–no helpful responses there, despite emails and phonecalls.  Sigh.

After all these difficulties, I am hard pressed to recommend buying the trike unless it is  through a local dealer who will assume responsibility for assembling it and that will probably cost an extra $200.   It took three weeks of trying to find a mechanic willing to take on the job, a number refused outright and several made appointments to come to the house, but never showed up.  A neighbor hearing of the difficulties and having mechanical expertise put it together for me.

Now that the Trike is together, I am happy with it, but it is a case of buyer beware and don’t buy until you have a bike shop or mechanic willing to take on the task of assembling it.

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