EENIE, MEANIE, MINEE, MO, CATCH A DECISION? HOW SO?   Topic How do you decide how to decide?

What I have learned in the 74  years of trying to stay strong that lead to founding Emotional Fitness Training, was that the best decisions came when my heart and my head walked hand in hand. Too many people say “Listen only to your heart” or “Trust your instincts.”  Good advice some of the time., but not so good all the time.

Acting only on emotion  can kill you. Take fear.  When fear strikes our heart.  our instinct says run.  Think of waking in the night to the smell of smoke and the sound of smoke alarms.  Instinct tells you to rush out the bedroom door, but as any fireman will tell that could end your life.  Checking in with your head just long enough to feel the door and see if it is hot has kept many alive..

Anger is the most dangerous when acted on without thought.  I remember when one of my sons had an ear infection, my husband was away, I hadn’t slept, and was frantic.  I put the baby on our bed and pounded  the mattress in frustration and anger. Our dog stopped me, he actually pushed me away from the bed and that started me thinking.  I called a friend for help.  Anger needs lots of thought before being acted on.  Head has to rule heart.

Even happiness needs some thought.  Having a good time, but have to up early, bright and ready to work, your head needs to push your body out the door and home.

Staying Strong Tip: Trust your heart, but don’t act without  your head’s approval.  Your heart says what you want, your head tells you how to act to get what you want.  If your heart and your head don’t agree, wait and think some more.  Easier said then done, but possible and that is what emotional fitness is about, learning to calm your body, focus your mind and act wisely.

Share, care, and stay strong.

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