Topic #249:Describe your favorite restaurant in the world.  Sorry I prefer eating in.  Cheaper. Yes, I am becoming a true cheap skate.  Moreover I like cooking and am now a Food Network Addict.   Not that I never eat out;  one night a week David is responsible for dinner, but that usually means Pizza or Subway. There are other more expensive eat out times, but I generally prefer to cook.

David has a favorite restaurant and I agree with his choice but for a different reason.  We were heading home from  a four-day whirlwind road trip, taken so  I could  see the Grand Canyon.   We also did the Hoover Dam, Zion and Bryce Canyons.   Sightseeing by car with many stops and elderly short hikes.  After leaving Bryce,  we drove up Route 12 viewing parts of The Grand Stair Case. More breath-taking in my mind than  the canyons.   We stopped for dinner out side of Boulder, Utah. at the The Burr Trail Grill.  It looked like a slightly upscale dive, and we were both a bit wary,  but we were also both starving and hadn’t passed a restaurant for several hours.  Here is its picture, but it was cleaned up for the picture and did not look so good to our eyes.

David was not only starved, he was meat starved–our diet through most of the trip was fast food vegetarian–meaning mostly french fries or yogart or tuna fish supplemented with the hard boiled eggs,  P&J  sandwiches, granola bars  I had packed,  and the motel’s free breakfasts.  So asking for G-d’s forgiveness, David  ordered a non-kosher rib steak.  I had a hamburger.  The food was better than most  NYCity up scale restuarants; better than the Four Seasons in my book, and not as expensive.

At dinner’s end, David insulted me by saying it was the best rib steak he had ever eaten.  It was hickory smoked.   He made amends later saying maybe it was just that he was starving and had not had meat in five days.  I accepted his apology.
The cook was a scruffy looking hippy kid, back packing type—I swear he couldn’t have been more than 13. The kitchen was open so we could watch him cook.   The bus boy dishwasher looked to be about 15. The owner and manager seemed to be just hanging around and loafing, but as David pointed out when I was critical, he had probably done his necessary work with the menu, the food planning, and the training.

There was one waitress and she was  why this remains my favorite restaurant.   Think she was also a reason the owner could just sit around, she worked all the tables at the restaurant, ran the cash register, and kept the cook and bus boy hopping.  Watching her was a lesson in the work ethic but also in attitude.  Every one basked in her sunshine,  her kindness,  inner radiance and efficiency.  I told her as we were leaving if her essence could be bottled, there would be peace on earth.  She glowed even more.
The restaurant closes part of the year, so staff may turn over.  Worth trying, nevertheless, and if we travel that way again, we  stop  and sin again.  I hope your luck is as good as ours was that night.
Staying Strong Tip: Be grateful for all the good things that come your way.

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