Sorry to be yelling but this is a topic, I feel extremely passionate about.  Both beliefs destroy and  damage.

The introductory note on my blog says this: “Mad, sad, bad feelings eroding the quality of your life?  Feeling management works. Emotional Fitness leads the way. You can control negative feelings. Life can be better. ”

I then give my Staying Strong Tip Number One: “Exercise choice when you can.   For example: I am learning disabled; I have dysgraphia,  not my choice.  I do chose to follow my passion to write and share despite  knowing some mistakes will slip through. Your choice?  You can practice forgiveness, look for useful content, or stop reading if my mistakes  annoy.

Why do I think believing in Free Will damages?  Offers hope, when reality goes against all possibilities.  Oprah says “If I made it anyone can.”  Not true.  A brilliant woman, she was born at the right time,  found a field that meshed with her talents, and was driven.  But let me be a bit nasty. She has also struggled all her life with a weight problem and not all her will or all her money has kept her from gaining back the weight she regularly works so hard to lose, only to gain it back.   I want to shake her by her shoulders every time she starts on another quest for the culturally perfect body.  I am also pleased that she seems less driven in that direction as she ages.

Please, I am not saying she shouldn’t work on staying healthy, but that is not forcing your body into a mold it was not bad for.

Health is knowing your strengths, your talents, and knowing how best to use them, but also knowing that chance plays a part in where life takes you.  Interestingly, Oprah might not have been so successful if she had been just another pretty white woman.  Moreover,  if she’d been born 100 years earlier, she would most likely have been a slave; and certainly if born with some what less of a brain and less ability to key into people, she also would not have been so successful.

Jerome Kagan, leading human development guru, believes more than a 100 factors are at play in determining who we are.  Moreover, he thinks many are not under our control.  Free will is a myth.

Why do I think karma or pre-destination is a damaging belief? Mainly, because  people are turned into puppets and what can be done eroded.   We do have choice, we just don’t always have the outcomes we seek.  However, we are not puppets, and the best lives are lived by making the choices we can make.

Both beliefs also  damage because each plays a role in self and other blame. Failures feel and are often blamed for failing. My mistakes were in spelling and math were thought to be under my control and I was either lazy or sturbborn.  The fact was my brain isn’t like  most other people’s.  In the long run, that expanded my creativity.  It was also the beginning of a life long determination to stay strong and lead to the founding of Emotional Fitness Training, Inc.

Karma usually blames one for sins of a past life.  Predestination, says God knows if you are going to be good or bad and that is that.

Both beliefs allow the rationalization of not helping those in need.   Kagan makes the points that belief in karma is strongest in countries where the poor are, too numerous for the rich to help.  The US welfare system is based on the idea that only the worthy can be helped, others are immoral.

Ending my rant,  Friend me on Facebooks, that is where I do my political postings as Katherine Gordy Levine.

Staying strong tip: Know your strengths, know what you can’t do, try you best, but accept that life is a mix of luck and will.


  1. I

    I see it differently Katherine. You will be shocked when I say you created your learning disability as well as everything else in your life, but it’s actually very empowering to accept that. Our subconscious mind attracts all of the circumstances of our life. Nothing happens by accident. God created an orderly universe. Everything happens by Law not chance. The Bible says we are given dominion, and we have that through the creative power of thoughts we think. If disabilities were imposed upon us, God would not be perfect, fair, or just. And that intelligence that created 400 billion galaxies is absolutely perfect and will bring all back to perfection. So when we accept total responsibility for all of our creations, we have the absolute opportunity to change and re-create anything we have created. I don’t mean that you consciously created your disability, but that at some point you harbored, and accepted thoughts and feelings that attracted that circumstance, but there is a gift in every circumstance. Focusing on the gift leads to transcendence. Focusing on the dissatisfaction or injustice leads to disempowerment. I have no desire to debate this issue with you, Katherine. I don’t want to convince you of its truth. If what I said resonates with you, great. If not, I’m happy that you have your perspective. So peace and love out.


    • Michael, Yes God created an orderly universe, but as Lewis Thomas noted one of his/her most amazing creations was the capacity of DNA to mutate. Mutations make growth and adaptation possible and mutations make make brainless children, and other glitches. I suspect, however, we will not agree on this and that is also part of God’s plan; from disagreement comes creativity. Stay strong and love on.


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