FACING DEATH IN A FOX HOLE? WHO DO YOU WANT FOR COMPANY? Topic #254: What person, real or fictional, living or dead, would you want to share a foxhole with if you were on a battlefield?

Fictional is easy: some one who can call forth  a genie or a flying carpet; any thing to transport us to safety.  Always had a crush on Hans Solo in the first Star Wars, so maybe, him with an advanced weapon that would seem me to safety.  I’m sure I could at least give him a gratitude kiss and that would set me shivering with joy.

Real is harder. Wouldn’t want anyone I loved to risk dying with am and even though I can get pissed enough to want to wring his next, that means David. Think I would want Dakota Meyer.  Recognize the name.  Here is his picture.

Dakota is the marine was recently given the Medal of Honor for disobeying orders to save lives.  A man after my heart.  And no I really wouldn’t want him there.  He’s done enough.  Maybe Obama should join me, then I might get out and he might have a better understanding of war.  We have enemies who want to kill us and our allies.  War means not waffling, defending the innocent, and defending your country.  You can’t collaborate with people who want you dead.

Oops, this isn’t  political blog.  So back to Staying Strong.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Love and kindness work must of the time, but not always, so learn some self-defense skills.   Saying that reminds me that I just learned to shoot a pistol, and here’s a picture of yours truly at the pistol range.  Maybe, I’d want a pistol with me in that fox hole.

IMAGES  Wikipedia and David. 

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