DO YOU HATE MONDAY?  LOVE SATURDAY OR SUNDAY  OR ONLY HOLIDAYS?  Topic #256: What is your favorite day of the week? And why?

See so many people who hate their work and only love the days they don’t have to work.  No longer being employed except by family and own interests, almost every day is a week-end or a vacation day.  At the same time as I read how so many hate their work, I realize yet again how  lucky I was to have  found a career I loved that I rarely hated going to work.

Not the career I wanted, I had turned my back on it several times.  The job was my father’s idea, so naturally, I wanted no part of that.  Dad was  a news reporter stationed at the county court-house and his office was right next to the county’s child welfare office.  He and the director became close friends and she was definitely one of his heroines.   He wanted me to be a social worker.  Sounded like the worse job in the world to my English major ears.  But as is happening to many today, when I graduated from college I didn’t have much choice.

So Miss Charlotte Hammel hired me with the understanding that I would start graduate training the next year, do my  internship at Child Care Services of Delaware County or quit in three months if I decided this was not the job for me.  A year and half later, I sat in the parking lot and wept because my second year of internship required I leave Miss Hammel, a staff I loved, and the families I had worked with.

Looking back on my fifty years as a do-gooder bleeding heart, I am so grateful I couldn’t get a dream job.  I also know now, that Miss Hammel was a leader in the field and so much of what she taught me has seen me through hard times and soft times.  Her job was protecting children from harm; her motto:  “Always do the kindness thing you can.”

Now back in my usual rambling fashion to the question of what day I like best.  I could be pious and say Shabbat and that is often the best day of any week.  But I think it is generally the day that has balance.  Various business activities in the morning which mainly involve I-net surfing and posting, then writing; if Ben is here caring for him; then about three I want a change of pace for a few hours,  and that generally means trying to get out, maybe exercise, doing the food shopping, maybe nap; then dinner and then writing in the evening and topping it all off with a final internet surf, working some puzzles and reading.

And yes, I am both a multi-tasker and a work-a-holic, I cannot just sit–well I can get engrossed in a page turning book and not come up for air, but try to avoid doing that except as a very special treat and then usually on Shabbat, otherwise everything else goes to pot.  When Ben is here,  I feed and  watch the Signing Tape with him, while off and on, doing my I-net surfing thing.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Own your choices.    Hate going to work, either adjust your attitude or get another job.  What does adjust your attitude mean? See a job not as the road to happiness ever lasting, but as a job where you get paid so you can pay your rent or mortgage, buy food, clothes and other necessities. Consider doing with less, as the Irish say, “Enough is a feast.”

Share, care, and stay strong.


    • For a long while, when I was working at many things and did not feel comfortable with the shul David was attending, Shabbat was the day, I did only what I want. Now I love the shul we go to here, but parts of every day now I can do much of what I want, still do love the days best when I have time all alone so I feel totally free to do or not to do. Thank you as always for your kind comments.

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