The perfect is the enemy of the good.


Because I have a learning disability that impacts my writing.  Typing  NOW when I want to say  NOT  confuses and often changes the message.   Spell check catches many of my mistakes, but others do slip by both the computer and me.   So if something I say is confusing or not like me, it is probably my learning disability.

I also have a tendency toward obsessive/compulsiveness and want things to be perfect.  Because of the way my brain works, it just doesn’t happen and that has been good and bad.  Keeps me humble and has taught me that “Good enough” is a better goal than “Perfect”.  A surgeon doesn’t have to be perfect, but he needs to be good enough to do good and  not  harm.  My writing has to be good enough to keep people reading.   Your driving has to be good enough to keep you and others alive.

Both these wikiHows contained helpful tips for accepting good enough.  Doing so will improve the quality of your life and the around you.  This wikiHow provides some quick tips for dealing with perfectionism in other’s.

How to Live With a Perfectionist – wikiHow.

And this one with how to control your own perfectionism.


Again the Emotional Fitness Training game plan–take a calming breath or two while you think about what matters before acting and that applies to how well something has to be done AND to how perfect your or another must be.  Stay strong.

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