Topic #261:Would you rather laugh with the sinners, or cry with the saints?

Another divisive post topic and divisiveness will not bring peace to this world.    I hold to the belief that if G-d be G-d, G-d be love and the only sin is acting cruelly.  Moreover, I believe most people want to follow the Golden Rule and treat others as we  want to be treated.  So why isn’t there peace on earth?

Because we live not just in a diverse world, but a world where divisiveness abounds: rich versus poor; one color versus another color; one nationality versus another; one definition of G-d versus another;  I am sick of divisiveness; I am particularly sick of the dividing or people into saints and sinners.  People are people.

That does not mean anything goes, hardly.  To me it means we judge people, nations, and religions by their actions and punish those who preach hatred and act hatefully.

The Jewish High Holidays  begin this coming week.  The week between the New Year and the Day of Atonement is to be one of examining how you are living; what are your sins, what good have you done.

The Day of Atonement is a day of joint confession.  I confess to all the transgressions of the law; I ask those I might have offended to forgive me, I ask G-d to forgive me, not just my sins, but for the sins I have not personally created.  Why? Because sin is the responsibility of the community, not of just the sinner.

The world community is at war and we are all sinners, but very few of us are laughing.  This fact fills my heart with despair, but a great Rabbi said, we must act as if our help alone will change the world.  So I do what I can and ask all to do the same.  If we did, we would bring peace to our world.

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