TO DIE, TO KILL, TO LET LIVE, WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? Topic #268: Do you agree with the death penalty? Is it ever right to kill? And under what circumstances? Is it worth the risks of being wrong?

I don’t agree with the death penalty, but would have applauded the death of a few evil beings.  Think Hitler, Joseph Stalin,  Mao, and go on from there. At the same time the wheels of justice are too tilted for me to believe the state has the right to put anyone to death.  Containment? Absolutely.  Self-defense, although it can be muddy issue, gives one the right to kill.  I can shoot a pistol–pistol packing grandma, don’t know if I could use it against a person, but I do have a strong sense of survival.

I believe in abortion knowing it ends a baby’s life, but feel the mother’s rights come first.   I worked with many seeking abortions .  Almost always a painful choice. What many do not stop to think is that sometimes an abortion allows a woman to bring life to another child at another time.  So it is a question of a wanted child versus an unwanted child and as I say that is a hard choice, but life is difficult enough without being unwanted.   The strangle hold t on access to contraception boggles my mind.  If you want to cut the number of abortions, how can you oppose contraception? Drives me mad.

I also believe in assisted suicide but only to stop the agony of  prolonged death.  I have a living will, I am very clear;  my husband and sons know that  if I can’t communicate, cannot care for my basic needs, it is time to send me on my way.

I feel strongly about these things as do most people.  I have no anger or ill will toward any who belief differently.  Life leads us all down different paths.

Care and share.

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