WHERE TO YOU DRAW THE LINE?  Topic #274:  Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about.  I couldn’t think of any off the bat.  Read some of what others had to say and agreed with their thoughts, but I’m a blather mouth and that applies to  writing as well as speaking.

Both traits have gotten me in trouble.  I’ve told bosses off, but managed  to get fired  only once.  Lucked out there, got a much better job.  I wrote about life with an ever-changing group of foster children, and didn’t get sued. The law says the person might recognize themselves, but if the public cannot identify that person, you can’t be sued.  Besides, I wrote about them with love–most of the time. One of my sons got pissed off about a story in one of my books.  I felt showed the story showed him at his best, and  I did ask  and get his permission to tell publish the story; then, his friends teased him,  so he got pissed at me.  So it goes.

Every time I put something out for public consumption, I open the door to shame.  Why?  Read enough of my blog and you will find stupid little errors; the word “not” instead of “now” being one example.  Means what I write does not always make sense. When I re-read those kinds of mistake I am right back in elementary school  writing a misspelled word a hundred times on the black board while the other kids are at recess. The name for this challenge–dysgraphia.

The shrink thinkers talk of something called habituation.  Means you can get used to almost anything.  So I guess I am habituated to shame.  That frees me to write about almost everything that pops into my head.  I am grateful as writing is a kind of life line for me.  I cannot image not writing.

I can list 5 things I wish I could write.  The first–correctly spelled prose; the second–correctly punctuated prose; the third–fantastic satire; the fourth–lovely, inspiring poems; the fifth–a best-selling novel.    What is your writing wish list?.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  The more you face unrealistic fears, the weaker the fear becomes.  So unless your writing fears are going to endanger you or another, write, write, write.  Good luck.

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