Today’s topic was a little confusing to me. Here it is.  Topic #275: Pick a topic from yesterday’s list, and write about it. If you chicken out, write about why you’re afraid to write about one topic from your list.

Which of yesterday’s lists?  Did you know confusion is a hypnotist’s tool.  Yes, I can hypnotize people, great tool, and some of EFTI’s tools are hypnotic tools.  But I don’t think Scott was trying to fool us.  No matter, I am going to talk about lists in general.  First, why I don’t keep a formal to do list.  Never have.  To do lists too queickly get too long.  That is why I started urging people to think instead of all they did.

I did lots yesterday. Met my three main priorites: Family first.  Ben was here; David took him on a long hike around Evergreen Lake, while I did my blog thing and novel writing thing priority number two and three.  Then played with Ben in the afternoon and just here is a picture of the two us.  I am hoping in time to make use of Skype for staying in touch with Zach and Max.  So bought a fairly good web camera.  Used it to show Ben how he looked on Television.

He was really excited, giggled and giggled.  Great fun.  Here’s one of the  pictures.  Made tomato based leftover using soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  David would have been happier with just tomato soup and grilled cheese.  One of his favorite memories of childhood.  Next time.  I am trying to be thriftier and not waste food.

Then I also got a letter off to Max.  I am really not as good as I should be about that.  Trying to improve, so glad I got this one off.  It has been on the to do list in my mind for a few days.  I am trying for monthly and think this made the cut off.

I also miracle of miracles rode my tricycle around the grounds.  Haven’t been tending to my exercising.  Figured out I didn’t like having to move the car.  Such a little thing, but I moved some things to one side, so I can get the trike out without moving the car. Now I have one less excuse.  Exercising is one thing that sinks off my done list far to quickly.

Also called a friend for a long chat.

So I think I can put yesterday on a well done list.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  If you keep a to do list, make it short and devoted to what matters.  That often changes.  When David and I started our family, topping our list was being able to home with our children.  When I was working full-time, and the job was getting harder and harder–I was being asked to do more and more and with no additional help–topping my list became “Don’t get fired.”  So keep a little list if you must, but strip it down to what matters and then honor all you get done.  It amazes me how much people manage to do, particularly with all the demands of today’s world.

Share, care, and stay strong.

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