WHAT HAS COMPUTER  TECHNOLOGY DONE FOR YOU?  The Daily Post Challenge throws this challenge to those interested in writing and that is something bloggers seem to want to do.  Well, a few photograper-type bloggers are in the mix, mainly those of us on this path are writers or wannabe writers.  Even though I have had two books published by well thought of publishers, I classify myself as a wanna-be.   By my definition,  real authors write good novels, not necessary great, but good and that is why I am a wanna be.

I make it clear every where I write publicly  that I have dysgraphia, for four reasons:

  1.  to educate those who don’t know some of us struggle with something akin to dyslexia when it comes to writing; I am particularly hopeful, some who struggle with writing will consider dysgraphia as the problem, not being lazy or stupid or careless; I also hope those who think those of us who have problems  with spelling, punctuation and such will be a bit more understanding;
  2. to warn those who get driven crazy by misspellings and mis-punctuations to not read what I have to say; it isn’t worth the stress.
  3. to serve as a model for fighting the stigma attached to such labels;
  4. some might also think my having published serves as a a role model for others with dysgraphia; perhaps, but not, not without lots of help and some of that help came  from technology.  So back to Daily Challenge question

Topic #281: Does technology help you write?

Well, as always, I’ve changed the question to suit my thoughts.  I am answering the question, what has computer technology done for you?  

So much, tears of gratitude fill my eyes when I think about how different my life would have been.  .   No books published.  No hope of more publishing to come. No learning more and more and more helpful stuff.  No sharing when lots of others what I have found interesting or helful.   No contact with distant friends, no new friends across the world.  At the saying goes: “Computers have been very good to me.”   Thank you all the nerds of the world

Share, care, and grow strong.



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