PLACE YOUR TAXES, FOLKS. DEATH AND TAXES ARE SAID TO BE LIFE’S ONLY CERTAINTIES.  WHERE SHOULD THE TAXES COME FROM TO MAKE LIFE LIVABLE FOR ALL.  Topic 284: What is the best way to tax people? Countries around the world use different approaches.Which do you think is best? Or should their be no taxes at all? What does it mean for everyone to pay their fair share?

My basic philosophy is not a popular one with a great many people. Simply put it is:  “From those who have to those who need.” And yes, that is very simple but probably unacceptable to must of those who have.  Sorry, but in a world where some heads of state have billions of dollars while other people  starve, something needs to change.

We put  people to the moon and brought them  back, we are conquering space,  created the internet and other amazing technologies, we have prolonged life for many.  It is time to put that creativity into figuring out how to make sure everyone is fed, has clean water, shelter, and basic health care.  I don’t know all the ins-and-outs of doing that, so I can only say what I want and hope.

The Wall Street sit-ins and the April Spring are sending messages those with money and power will hear and respond to for the benefit of all.   No one person needs billions of dollars, no one person needs millions of dollars.  Enough is a feast and if all the others have enough, I will not object to the rich becoming even richer.


  1. I will say that “money” is just a “tool.” I am currently learning that if I or anyone seeks a “job” or “career” or what have you for the end result of “money” then I or you will not last in that job…This does tie in with your tax or taxes talk, because I believe we should pay our taxes. So, with that said, I am on a path to seek out what my heart wants to do and that is “writing” and publishing my own books. Oh how family and friends make fun of me, and that is okay to have their opinion and not support me, what they do not know is that the world is full of wonderful people like you (Katherine) who encourage me to do my best and bring my best foot forward…I am so glad I met you and yes, money is just a tool.

    • Always fascinates me that family often has less faith in our strengths than strangers. But then they know our sadder sides and if we are very lucky sticky with us. I have been very lucky. My husband has his share of sadness, but has always been able to help me be more than I thought I could be. Makes up for my sons shaking their heads when I mention my writing or dreams. And yes, the internet has also been a blessing because of the friends and support I find there. So back at you and keep writing and dreaming and lets hope with both have the luck we need to see our dreams become reality. As you know I say, share, care, and stay strong.

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