HATE IT WHEN SOME TELLS YOU “RELAX!”  I DO.  WE ARE NOT ALONE.  A recent Daily Post Challenge asked “How do you relax?”  I think of self-soothing more than relaxing.  Relaxing is being on vacation, self-soothing is staying calm when all around you have become chickens without their heads, but still able to tell you to “Relax.” So here is my lists of ten things I do to self-sooth.

1. Practice OMMing. That’s my One minute meditation  The link will take you to a Wiki-How I started and others added to.  It is a very popular Wiki-how.

2. Sing a Song–in my head, if I can’t sing out loud.  Amazing Grace, Song Sung Blue, and The 59th Street Bridge Sons are my favorites.

3. Use calming self-talk.   EFTI suggests short slogans, repeated over and over again.  I call this sloganeering and when that works best for me when other people are stepping on my last nerve are “Let it Go, Let It Go”  done to the beat fo “Let it snow, Let it snow.”

4. Focus on something of beauty.

5. Remember what matters.

6. Let a piece of chocolate melt slowly in my mouth.

7. Have a cuppa Chai Tea

8. Have a cuppa of Hot Chocolate

9. Get lost in a good book.

10. Of course 6, 7, 8, and 9 require getting away form the stress and stressing person.  When that isn’t possible I turn off my hearing aid and fantasize ways to torture who is ever torturing me.  (Contrary to the edicts of some religions–thoughts are not sins. only actions.)

Meanwhile some of the above I hawk as EFTI’s Daily Emotional Fitness Program.

Share, care, and grow strong.


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