WEEKLY CATCH UP–Following some other bloggers example, was it Tilly or Jackie?  I don’t remember, not going to look up, I might play catch up every Sunday;  I might not. For this week here are the ones I missed.

Topic #298: How do you know when you’re right  My sons or my husband disagree with me.

Topic #297: How do you know when you’re wrong? My sons or husbands agree with me.

Actually, I am never sure I am right or wrong.  I do have some convictions I cling to, however, whether right or wrong.  And not knowing I am right or wrong leads to the next topic.

Topic #296: Here’s something different for today. Watch this 15 minute talk about bad science. And then write a brief review on your blog, or simply write about a topic that comes to mind from listening to his presentation .http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=h4MhbkWJzKk#!

What came to mind was a diagnosis  and if you have been reading my Normal or Not in my Shrinks Think Posts you know I have just given you an example of bad science.  But all I could think watching this was ADHD.  His accent made understanding him hard enough without his auction-house speedy delivery.

Still he makes a point that people really need to know; when people use “research’ as a selling point, most of the research is false, poorly done, or misapplied.  Even legitamate reasearch usually has flaws, so proceed with caution.  As was said on the video: ” Coffee causes cancer”; “Coffee prevents cancer.” My personal research tells me coffee keeps me awake.

Topic #295: We all have experiences where after we leave a conversation, or a date ends, we realize something clever we wish we had said. The French call this l’esprit de l’escalier, which means, roughly, staircase wit (as in, you get the idea for something to say only when you are in the staircase, heading home).Can you recall moments in your life, at work or at home, where you realize now there was something else you wish you had said? Or done? Make a list.

The fact is there are few clever things I wish I had said.  A friend once told a flasher, “I’m not impressed.” Really wanted to use that one, but no one every flashed me.

As for other things:  Said nothing mostly:  told a few people “F— Y– out loud or  “You are so full of S—“; said “I’m sorry more often;” and “I care”  more than that.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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