WHERE DO YOU HIDE WHEN THEY ARE OUT TO GET YOU.  Today’s Postaday Challenge Topic #299 asks: Did you have a secret hiding place as a child? Do you have one now?

As a child, I hid under the covers from things that go bump in the night.

When I was nine I climbed a tree and hid from my brothers and read books.

Eleven on up in the high loft at the riding stables, again with a book.

Seventeen, on lover’s lane in my boyfriend’s car with him.

As a mother,  in the adult lanes of the local swimming pool, when that was closed in the bathroom.

Now as an aging  wife wanting some me time privacy I “hide’  in the middle of the night usually at my computer.

A little laugh from one of my former bosses:  “Head for the roundhouse, Nellie; they can’t corner you there.”

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