WHEN DO YOU HOLD AND WHEN DO YOU FOLD? Topic #301:How do you know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em?

Wasn’t going to respond, but here I am.  And hold what? Fold what?  So how about ten thoughts.

  1. I always hold my grandson’s hand when crossing the street.  Keeps me safe and from getting lost.
  2. I only fold laundry that will wrinkle if not treated nicely as soon as it leaves the dryer.
  3. I always hold my tongue when my husband is ranting about something, other wise he rants more.  Okay, I don’t always hold my tongue, sometimes I bite it.
  4. I fold peace cranes at boring meetings or I used to do that.  I was folding  them for a Peace Crane Project.  As I am no longer employed, I don’t have to resort to that strategy to keep my sanity.
  5. I hold on to the over-my-door-handle in our Camry when David is driving up narrow mountain roads and I am on the side nearest the cliff.
  6. I fold my body into a comma when trying to fall asleep.
  7. I hold my breath when under water.
  8. I fold one slice of bread at a time after filling it with cream cheese and jelly; somehow I think eating two slices of bread that way saves more calories then pasting the two slices together and cutting them.
  9. I hold on to the reins when bucked off  horses which is why I got my foot smashed on one occasion and wrist broken on another.  Too old to ride much and you are not supposed to hold on the reins when being thrown.
  10. I fold my pony tail into a little knot that sits on the top of my head and makes me look someone like the Granny for the Hillbilly series.
Here’s a picture of that fold and of my youngest son, his wife, David and two of my three grandsons.   Took this with my web cam.  Have better pictures of me, but this is a good one of the hair fold.
Share, care and grow strong.  Life is good.


    • Kind words and seems to be true for this post at least. Stay strong and keep writing, hold on to that, you do have talent. Fame is not always easy to come by and if you think of Michael Jackson all too often not the path to liking yourself. As I say to myself a hundred times a day, stay strong.

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