HAVE YOU BEEN CALLED LOTS OF NAMES?  YOUR ARE NOT ALONE.  Topic #310: If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? Do you feel like your name matches your personality? If not, what first name would better match who you are?

I say I don’t care what you call me, just don’t call me late for chocolate.  Nevertheless, I have worked long and hard to find a name that resonates with my vision of me.   My first name is Katherine.  I was named for my mother.  Here are some of names I have been called.

Occasionally when I was a little girl, my father would call me Katie and sing me the song KaaaaaaKatie, beautiful KaaaaaKatie.  I would have loved being known as Katie.  But my mother had other ideas.  She called me Vaughan, her middle name–a boy’s name, unusual.  I pretty much hated Vaughan as  much as Mom  hated Katherine.  She  always wanted to be called Vaughan. Most people knew her as Kitty, which she didn’t hate as much as Katherine.

Vaughan changed to Kathie when I entered graduate school and at the first gathering someone had filled out my name tag with that nick-name.  I was delighted.

Every one new in my life afterwards called me Kathie.  A few of the men in my life changed that to Katie.  David called me Chrysanthemum for a  number of years and my Hebrew name is Dahlia because of that.  When I hit middle age,  I started introducing myself as Katherine–Kathie just felt too cheerleader type–blond and petite and cuddly and cute and  not me.   Katherine still feels good and for a nick-name Kat.

When I became a grandparent, my brother welcomed me to the Granny club.   That meant  I wanted and still want to be called Granny-Kat.  Not having a lot of luck with that, but hoping as the grand children grow older my wishes there will be honored.

Still I answer to any of the above and definitely if it means I am to be rewarded with something nice like a bit of chocolate.

I love stories about names and what people want to be called, I think it is a great way to get to know people better .  So what is the story of your name and as the post asks particularly your first name.

Stay Strong Tip — Names define us only if we let them.  Still it is caring to call people by their preferred name.

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    • I think names are important and everyone needs to find the one that fits. When I was a foster parent, I always asked my kids what name they wanted me to call them by. A few chose totally different names from their given names. Said something to me when that happened.

      Thank you for commenting and stay strong.

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