CATCHING UP.  These were the posts I was not moved to respond to or other priorities kicked in. First the ones that other priorities held me back:

Topic #305: Would removing all guns from earth make us more or less safe? Would have to remove all weapons to create a safer world.  Might help if  all wars had to be fought by two designated champions fighting it out with no weapons.  That might keep many others safe, but then that might make right and that is wrong.

Topic #307:What skill would you most like to learn in 2012?  This calls for a list, because many would make my life both easier and more productive: Not necessarily in order I wish without any effort I could acquire the following skills.

  1. To write grammatically correct and properly spelled posts–Have talked about having  dysgraphia, so am really wishing it would go away instead of becoming more pronounced as I age.
  2. Perfecting  the ability to write humorously, so admire those bloggers like Tilly Bud , The Laughing Housewife.
  3. Making money–picking winning lottery tickets anything legal that would allow me to at least hire an editor

Think that is enough in the skills department.

Topic #309: Have you ever protested for anything? What was the cause? If you haven’t, what would it take for you to go stand up and protest for (or against) something?

Goody, goody, I get to correct someone’s use of the English Language.  Scott–protest means against, so protesting  is  not the right word, advocate might be a better choice.

Enough nit-picking and I am and have been both a  protester and an advocate. A quick list.  Protester: The Viet Nam War; prejudice in all its forms; drug laws; belief bullies; religion mixed with government; despots and dictators; conspicuous consumption; consumerism; the defiling of our earth; political corruption; sexual repression particularly of women;  restrictions on access to sex education including  the ability to get contraception aid including abortion; the  silencing of any people.   Advocate for the poor, the disenfranchised, the abused, children, parents, the mentally ill, the silenced,  media misinformation,  the  silencing of people, and the right of self-defense–think Israel.

 Topic #311:When is it ok not to practice the golden rule?  This one I really wanted to answer immediately, but life took over–as I have mentioned elsewhere it has been a difficult week.  The Golden Rule must always be practiced, and that does not conflict with my above advocacy for the right to self-defense or holding people accountable or even keeping many in prison.  It means when you must act to defend yourself or another, you do it in the kindest way possible.

THESE ARE THE TOPICS THAT DIDN’T INTEREST ME AT ALL.  From reading the Daily Post Challenge responses, I don’t think many were very interested either. 

Topic #313:If you made your own currency, what would you call it? Botswana has the pula. Burma has the kyat. Mexico has the peso. There are an amazing variety of names for money. What would the currency be called if you had your own country?

Topic #312:Someone suggested we don’t have enough topics about world economics here on dailypost. I looked through the history, and by george, he’s right.So today we are going to do a topic about the Euro.What is the future of the Euro? With all the trouble in Greece, Spain and Italy, do you think the currency will survive? Do you understand why there are multiple currencies in the world? Do you wonder why there isn’t just one kind of currency? Do you think your nation’s money is better looking, or worse, than other nations?

Think that brings me up to date.

Share, care, and stay strong.

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