Dreams sometimes open your eyes. I woke up this morning having apparently  spent much of the night solving something I cranked about yesterday in Ten  Things I am Not Thankful For.  Not to bore you or force you to my blog, I am referring to  this crank:

That Word Press only posts photos when I post while other posters get not just the picture posted, but words of wisdom telling you what the post is about.  Moreover, I have asked how to put in a picture and get the text to show.  But apparently I am too cranky  to warrant a response.

So if this post appears on Postaday with both picture and text, my dreamy brain figured out how to post both content and picture.  And yes, as someone asked. that is me. 

Now if my dreams would only reveal some winning lottery numbers I could hire a geek, an editor, an occasional house keeping service, and afford to buy my own pistol.   Hubbie keeps his locked up, and only lets me handle it at the firing range where he will be protected if I turn it on him.  Smart man, still makes me cranky. And I love him.

In the interests of sharing–for me as well as for you.  Sharing,  particularly if someone says likes  or comments  raises my heart beat.  I hear that is good for you.  Here’s the trick to getting image and text to appear:  The image has to be thumbnail size and posted on the right.  Maybe other ways, but that seems to have worked here.  Or so I hope and soon will see.

Still a bit cranky at Word Press.  Why?  I think they need to start a forum for the Daily Challenge Users.  Particularly as there is no other place to get answers to questions without waiting in line for an answer at the general forum.  I am too lazy to do that, and it makes me cranky.  I  would check out a dedicated forum.  Are you listening Word Press?  Or am I still incapable of warranting some respect?

Good morning all. Love you even when I crank about you.

Share, care, make my heart beat faster, so good and stay strong.


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  1. Okay, it didn’t work, still have a big picture of me shooting at the pistol range. Might land me in jail if someone ends up hit by a bullet from my husband’s gun and he wore gloves. Cranky again. Might even go to the general help topic forum. Sigh.

    Then again, maybe a picture of a cranky lady with a gun will get me some respect. So it goes. Share, care, and stay strong.

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