Dreams sometimes open your eyes. I woke up this morning having apparently  spent much of the night solving something I cranked about yesterday in Ten  Things I am Not Thankful For.  Thinking I had solved how to get posts with both text and a picture to show on the postaday blog, I apologized for the rant.  Fool that I am, because the problem had not been solved.  When I posted my apology before I could make it to the Ladies room and back before Word Press at posted the picture and not a word of the text.

Surely you are tired of seeing an old lady pointing her pistol at a target.  Obviously Word Press isn’t.  Reality Check, a machine monitors the posts and has been set to foil all I try to do.  Another reality check.  It is just a machine doing to everone what it does to me.  Still makes me very cranky and I still want to know if there is anything I can do besides not posting images.  To be a star WP says post images and interesting copy.  Hard enough for a slightly demented, cranky old lady to do without some clue to the rules of doing both.

I would think a program that occasionally tells me the word “Lady” is a cliche could also tell me how to post picture and text at the same time.  Are you listening Word Press?  Or am I still incapable of getting some respect? Whatever,  do any of you know how to post both? Or is Word Press conspiring against us all.

Love you all, and am deeply in love with Word Press.  True love means you keep loving despite seeing all the loved one’s faults.

Share, care, make my heart beat faster, co good and stay strong.


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