I’M LATE. oM LATE,LATE, LATE FOR A VERY IMPORTANT DATE, NO TIME TO SAY HELLO, GOODBY.  I’M LATE. I’M LATE.  I’M LATE.    Is that your theme song? You are far from alone.

Topic #323:  If you needed more time, where would you take it  from? Lets say you had an emergency this week that required you to spend an hour, every day, taking care of something you don’t currently do. Where would that time come from? What would you drop first?

Happens all the time.  Husband, family, friends, dog, then me. .   That’s a care-giver’s list of priorties and I am a care-giver.  And me wants to blog and write, write and blog and I do manage a lot of that.  Not complaining or being a cranky old lady.  Caring keeps my heart happy and pumping out those good endorphins.

I’m also very good at fitting  emergencies, real or otherwise,  mine or someone else’s into the twenty-four hours granted all who live in this world.  Will my strategies aid you?  Don’t know, but here  they are:.

Number one: Be born hyperactive.

Number two: Don’t need lots of sleep.  Probably part of my type of hyperactivity. To fit in an hour a day added emergency, would most like come from sleep time.

Number three: Be a bit of a workaholic.  Always plan to do more than is possible.  Teaches you to let go of lots, to say “No” somewhat more frequently, and to delegate when you have someone who will catch the balls you are in danger of dropping.

Number four: Triage.  Managing a Mental Health Crisis team taught me how.  Safety first then the rest.

Number five: In school, do what you have to do to pass.  On the job, do what you have to do to stay hired.

Number six: Remember what matters.

Number seven: Give of delusions of granduer including perfectionism.  Many jobs deserve good enough and nothing more.

Speaking of number seven, this is good enough and I have other things I prefer attending to or I will become a cranky old lady.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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