CRANKY OLD LADY  spits out another, “Sheeesh.”  Another Daily Post Challenge that wants us to provide 600 word cliff notes for a subject needing even more than the what was required to get a  NaNoWriMo award.

Topic 324: Write a sequel to your favorite movie.

COOPERATIVE CHILD offers this.  Favorite Movie: A Man for All Seasons.  A good man–Sir Thomas Moore–dies rather than change his conscience to suit his king.  Like many Jews, but he was a Catholic.  Ironic.  He dies at film’s end;  Henry the 8th, Moore’s King,  dies a bit later.   Moore’s daughter would have to be the subject of the sequel and like her father she would stand by her beliefs.  She would grow in power as long as Queen Mary, a Catholic ruled after Henry.  Upon Mary’s death  all Catholics would suffer a bit under the Good Queen Beth and Moore’s daughter  also dies  for her beliefs.  She, however, leaves a daughter who gives up  all politicking or speaking out for her faith, preferring life.  She lives a long  and very prosperous life by becoming a rich man’s mistress and  changing her patron and beliefs when  the winds of change blow her way.  She dies rich and famous, tended by servents, calling not “Rosebud” or “Wow, Oh Wow”, but for a doll her mother gave her.

And that’s my sequel or as my cranky mother would say to end a conversation…”That’s the story, Morning Glory, sun setting, shut your mouth.”  She was also Cranky at times.

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