DO YOU MAKE NEW YEARS RESOLUTION? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  DID YOU BREAK THEM ALL BY GEORGE WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY–FEBRUARY 22nd?  (For  who know only President’s Day, that was the day that  pushed our first President into the ranks of James Buchanan, Chester A. Arthur and Herbert Hoover.  Do you even know they were Presidents?  If you did, bet you didnt’ know how President Hoover contributed  to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.  Again, you are not alone.  For Hoover’s story read The Rising Tide by John M. Barry, great book if you like history in a readable form.)

ON TO THE DAILY POST CHALLENGE TOPIC NUMBER SOMETHING OR OTHER: How do you decide on new year’s resolutions? Have you ever gone back to evaluated previous resolutions, and why they worked or didn’t work out for you? What did you learn?


To stay alive –hope the life force agrees.

To keep my brain –another one that will need great cooperation from the life force.

To regain my ability to hear what others are saying–again as my hearing is going, going, almost gone, the life force will help with that.

To buy a lottery ticket a week–can’t win it if you aren’t in it.  Beyond buying the ticket, the life force, Luck Karma, God, Goddesses, what ever need to to its/his/ her part.

To half my possessions.  Oh the junk we collect.  Any one out there want my sister-in-laws first marriage Royal D dishes. At one time worth quite a bit.   She re-gifted them to me, too many bad memories I guess.  Anyway,  I hate them, always have.  Still have not un-packed them from our move west.  Hear some rattling when I move the boxes.  But suspect there is a place setting for at least six people.    Sold for lots of money once upon a time.  Once upon a time there were good fairies sprinkling fairy dust here and there.

I also have ten plates of a pink and green floral cabbage rose design with gold trim rims collecting dust on a shelf.  The family story was President Lincoln ate off them.  My great-great grandfather was in congress and family said he had Abe to dinner off and on.  Well, he was in the Congress; he was also a Captain in the volunteer Calvary formed when the South was trying to take over Washington D.C.  That is verifiable.

Sadly not the dishes.  The dishes  were apparently purchased by my grandmother when she was sent to England to cure her nerves–think her nerves were created by the news that her husband was having an affair.  Men do that, and so do women, in case you haven’t noticed.  Anyway the company that made the dishes didn’t exist until 1880.  So much for added value.

I kept all sets of dishes hoping my sons might feel sentimentally attached.  Or their wives.  Nadda.   So I am cranking up to get  serious about selling them.  Any bids?

To have a torrid affair three men–the silver haired jogger who loves it when grandson Ben and I are  on the track at the Y.  He loves Ben; I crave his body,  Willie Nelson–well I just want him to sing to me, and George Clooney when he ages a bit more.  In my dreams, in my dreams.

To nag Cranky Old Man less–you can help with that by liking me more–uncranks me more.

To self-e-publish my novel about Merlin as abortionist by my 75th birthday.  March 21st, 2012.  May or may not be finished.  Then I can ask you to write endings, although the final line must be “His name is Arthur; he will be King.”

NOW TO GET SERIOUS. Hope you realized the above was only semi-serious or serious but trying to make you smile.  Cranky Old Ladies  are the stuff of jokes.  I try to beat the younger set to the laugh first.  Also might occasionally have some wisdom to share.  Occasionally. 

 I don’t make resolutions at New Years; I do revisit my life, my mission statement and any SMART GOALS being worked on.   I think we all have one mission–to make the world better for all.  Let God, the Life Force, Karma, other deities worry about who s/he/it is going to let through the Pearly Gates or push into the fiery pit.  We need to work on saving our world.  Laughing at mself instead of others is one way I try to meet my mission.

Somewhere in my intellectual trash pile, I have a workshop handout called Mission and Goals.  Will try find it and post it as a freebie.

Meanwhile look for the humor, learn the lessons, be with beauty, love all, hate violence, share (like this, let others know, sharing is caring and caring makes you and others strong.).  Keep moving ahead, it is tough out there.  The older you are, the tougher it gets, so you young folk enjoy all you have.  I am grateful to still have some hair, some teeth and some of my hearing.

Love you all.


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