COULD, SHOULD, DIDN’T.  MAKING AN AMENDS?  HOW ABOUT YOU.  The Daily Post Challenge is about to end.  This is one of the final topics.  

Looking back at Post a Day 2011 — how’d you do?  I have published on this blog 1, 124 post since it began.  I don’t have writer’s block, I have writer’s diarrhea.

First Word Press Blog Post–1/15/2010. 2011 I  posted 767 times this year.  Almost double what I did in 2010. Patting myself on the back.

Smacks instead of pats:  I only have about fifty subscribers to my blog,  under two  hundred Twitter readers, and think fewer than three hundred  Facebook Friends.  

Rationalization: I don’t push for subscriptions, followers, fans.   I see people who have a thousand plus followers and decided minimally you might have that many fans or followers if a celeb,  but not  friends, probably not even acquaintances.  As a social worker for forty years, a college professor for twenty years, and  foster parent for fourteen  years  and a human being for 74 years, I learned you can’t stay friends to all.  I still am close to my best friend from kindergarten, in touch with four friends from high school, fifteen from college and maybe thirty or forty others from across the years that pop in and out of my E-mail box. 

I like friends, real friends.  I also like making new ones. 

I do wish when all people reading anyone’s blog or Facebook Page, including mine,  would push the like button.  Lets us know we are read.  Of course, also which there was a dislike button.  I don’t care if everyone agrees with me, I like controversy.   Many comment positively with out pushing like and like is what gets you ratiing.  Would help all bloggers 


  1. The world is a crush with un-discovered talent.  As if I didn’t already know this by watching the auditions of American Idol and its ilk Humbled me when I looked at my efforts, humbled me, but didn’t stop me. 
  2. You learn  a great deal from fellow bloggers.
  3. Mis- information is a problem
  4. Prejudice is a problem
  5. Sticking to the humorous blogs helps.
  6. My writing improved.
  7. I got a new hobby-photography.
  8. I should think about quitting Facebook and sticking to Twits and Blogs.  I won’t  Too many people I care about are on  Facebook,  and probably  won’t follow me on my blog.

I am taking up the 366 Day Challenge, but sort of hoping the Daily Posts go on with just a change in number.

Happy New Year and as I tell myself share, care, and stay strong. 




    • I was thinking more broadly than just bloggers, but I have found in most areas where I post, I am quickly labeled. I am quirky but have strong stands on a few things. Israel is not the aggressor, right to life means the mother has the right to chose her life first, all drugs should be legalized and I do mean all, I am an Orthodox Jew but hate the war of whose God is the right God, think sex lives between consenting adults should be private and not be made political fodder. My husband carries a gun and I can shoot it. I believe in God, most of the ten commandments, am much less sure if s/he/it cares about us in any specific sense, but know there are miracles, so what do I know? So personally prejudice to me is people slapping labels based on what I say in one post on me.

      The bigger problem for me is the one sided ranting of all of the media which polarizes people. More seen on Face book, but also seen in a few blogs. I do think blogging allows a broader perspective.

      Thank you for following me will return the favor, hope I never bore you.

      Cranky Old Lady, Grannykat, or Katherine.

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