MONDAY’S TOPIC: FROM THE DOWNHILL SLOPE    TROUBLE LETTING GO OF THOSE EXTRA POUNDS?  You are not alone and the older you get the harder it gets.  Cranky and un-cranky old folk know that.  Moreover, bad enough we crank at ourselves about the upward trend of our weight, crank making when others nag us to do the same.  The title of this article made me hope I could be me and still lose weight. Ha. In case your time is short skip the article, I’ll give you the down and dirty, short and sweet or any similar stale cliche you want.

Eight lazy ways to lose weight – health – 02 January 2012 – New Scientist.

  1. Get vaccinated.
  2. Stay Cool, don’t stress too much.
  3. Get Cooler meaning keep your room temperature at 65 or a bit below.
  4. Eat more protein.
  5. Watch the packaging, apparently some things wrapped in plastic contain substances that add weight. Avoid PVC packaging – labelled “Type 3” for recycling purposes.
  6.  Turn down the lights at night. Bright lights at night change your metabolism.
  7. Move to the country to avoid city polluted air.
  8. Lie-in. Sleep more.

Okay, some surprised me.  But in the end there is no easy, lazy way to let go of extra pounds.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  I started out as a Skinny Minnie.  When Marilyn Monroe was the ideal body type, I looked anorexic–wasn’t because I wanted to gain weight and couldn’t.  In my family genes. start thin, get fat.  At about 30, I had a whistle-at figure and loved it.  No political correctness imposed on admiring men way back when.  Then when  Twiggy set the skinny style was getting fat.

Married a man with the same type genes, so we both as we had in our youth, that means we ate well and gained well.  At fifty, I decided I had to change how I ate, but couldn’t stand the thought of dieting.  I opted for a number of strategies and over many years have lost about forty pounds and it hasn’t been easy.

  1. Eating healthy is better than yo-yo dieting.  So don’t diet.    Three worked best for me:
  2. Try every good tip you can read about. Experiment, not all will work for you, but some will.
  3. Really learn what the calorie count per serving of my favorite foods were and eat the lower calorie favorites.
  4. Eat mindfully.  Most of the time, i the first four or five bites of a favorite food that tastes really great; then each bite seems to taste a bit blander.  Helped me cut portion size and stop eating food I didn’t like because it was on my plate. Got me out of the Clean Plate Club.
  5. Cut yourself slack, but not too much.  Every once in a while I have what I call a junk food dinner.  Ate as ,much of  my favorite forbidden food as I wanted.  That would most likely to be a bowl of popcorn with lots of butter.  Sometimes I’d start with tomato soup and use the some of the popcorn as croutons.  Sometimes it was all the ice cream I wanted.  Usually did this only twice a month and never  after a dinner type lunch.  Practice Radical Acceptance.  Eating healthy is not easy and as you age will become harder.  Loosing weight and keeping it off is always hard and as you age gets harder.  You cannot practice it once in a while. Live with those facts or at least plan to die trying.  That is what I do.
  6. Also my  Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises helped.

Share, like, care, help me, yourself, and others get and stay strong..

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