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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

                                                                                                              Benjamin Franklin

TOPIC  39  READY  TO WRITE?  TO PUBLISH? TO BE AN AUTHOR?  Well, for me its now, no longer.whenever. Too old to keep writing and waiting, waiting and writing, re-writing and waiting.    I have neither writer’s block nor re-writing block.  But this is a novel, I started when middle-aged and now I entering what is the new old age.  I will be 75 in March and ready or not will be publishing Merlin and Meredyth.  So I am ready.

ABOUT THE PICTURE   She’s much too happy to have writer’s block and that is what the picture is to be about.  But maybe she is a highly successful author who just won the lottery and can give up writing.  Success can do that for an author.  Having to do something often turns joy to pain.  Or so a number of authors have said.  Most of us don’t feel much pity for them and are willing to hurt a little to get published.

I am not successful, nor have I won the lottery. I can’t tell you the number of times I have thrown my hands up and scattered papers in frustration.  Still, I hope her smile bodes well for me.

Writer’s block has not held me back.  However, I do have fears–fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of dismissal.  But not doing is a bigger failure and has become a bigger fear.  So I am self-publishing.  I have always been an early adopter of some things. I have been following a number of blogs related to self publishing via the E-book route.  It beats battering the bushes for an agent, waiting to find a publisher, hoping the marketing goes well and enough sell so you don’t have to pay any advance you get back.  They are minuscule for first time noveliests

Dragged Cranky Old Man to an E-publishing workshop at our local library.  Convinced him, Cranky Old Lady’s decision to E-publish was the right one.  The presenter was fantastic.  She was so good,  Cranky Old Man put out $60 to spend more time with her.  Her being Elle Lothlorein, one of top E-book authors and a self publisher–she even does her own covers.

Crank–why are husbands and children so convinced wives and mothers don’t have any expertise?

The guru’s say to be successful as a writer, you most write about what you love; read, read, read, and read some more; then write, write, write; and finally, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite and rewrite yet again.  I am a reader.  I write, write, write.  As I noted at one point, I do not have writer’s block, I have the writer’s runs.   Finally, if the number of time you read and re-write works, I will be on the best seller list on March 22, 2012–the day after my birthday.  Wish me well.

Now the other things the guru’s say about any writing success if one has to market, market, and market.  So this is the beginning of my marketing.  Today, I started another blog–Merlin and me. I had the narcissistic idea that some might want to follow my struggle to master marketing and laugh with me when I try to keep from crying or cheer with me if I succeed in finding at least a few readers.  Here is the click to visit to Merlin and me.  It is another example of ready or not, here I go.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Sometimes you have to just do it and hope for the best and stay strong if all does not go as you want.

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