ACTS OF BRAVERY Impossible to name them all:  the mothers who broke their hearts giving up babies they loved to adoptive homes;  the spinal cord patients who had to find how to live a full life in a wheel chair; the cancer patients living while dying;  the battered children who left the wounds behind and became loving parents;  the immigrants struggling in a strange land working at any job they could so their children could have better lives;  the children of color who didn’t turn to hate;  the handicapped and disabled who never gave up; the parents who went above and beyond for family members struggling with major emotional problems;  the crisis team workers entering situations the police were afraid to enter, my foster children who battled stigmas of all kinds and still faced life with hope.  These were my patients, my clients, my staff, my kids and they have blessed my life.

Topic #19:  Describe a time when you witnessed bravery: a) in your profession b) with your own eyes c) in someone you admire.


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