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ABOUT THE PICTURE: So I lied a bit. Well, not really, for in terms of my over all life, I have no regrets.  Still, if I could change one thing about my life as I have lived it, that would be to do away with my dysgraphia.  As I try to get my novel in shape to send on to for copy editing, the mistakes I keep finding throw me into the pit of shame, depression, and despair. I will prevail and with the help of a good copy editor.

That said, I thought I would give all of you a taste of what it means to be dyslexic and that provides some idea of that it is  like to be dysgraphic.  The main similarity involves the switching of letters, the wrong words, the mixing of capital and small letters as well as a lack of obedience to punctuation rules.  Hope you get the idea.

I have shared about dysgraphia often on an e-mail list I follow by some established authors. Mostly my posts are ignored.  There has not been one comment on dysgraphia.  I read on the list mostly for marketing ideas as I know once my book is published, that is where my efforts must  be concentrated.

Recently this list has had a conversation denigrating most reviewers and suggesting a Clearing House of Reviews controlled by writers.  Struck a chord in me.  So here is what I sent to them:

About reviewers and a having writer’s certify the review–the Writer’s Clearing House idea. Is elitist to me. Apologies if that offends. If a 12 year old likes a book enough to review, that says something of value. 

I noted previously, about talented writers is they write what they want to read. I can’t image enjoying writing any other way. A difficulty remains. Most of the people on this list are not writing for the majority of readers. Harlequin sells big, but bet most on the list squirm at the thought of writing for Harlequin readers. I do. That is why you have to know your priorities. I write in many ways because I cannot, not write. I write in many venues. Blogging and non-fiction writing are my daily bread.

If you want to sell, you must think of niche.

My book’s main niche is Merlin, but not the traditional Merlin. My Merlin is an atheist who wants faith, an abortionist, and a sex therapist unable to overcome his own impotency. It is my vehicle for discussing how the Roman Empire became the Roman Church and warred and continue to war on women’s rights to enjoy sex and control when they have children.

My hope is that the story line will sell it and all the feedback I get says the story keeps pages turning. The sex scenes are steamy but sensitive–even the male rape. It will appeal to gays, women–particularly those interested in choice, and should be read by men with erectile difficulties. I am a clinician and know some of the problems created by sexual problems of male and female. The sex and my stand on freedom for all consenting adults to do their thing will see the book banned by many. So I write with a mission and it is not necessarily for those writing for a love of great literature–which I happen to be.

It is not great literature, but I know has some powerful scenes and the story line is good. It is haunted by my dysgraphia, but am hoping good copy editing will take care of that. If not, I might go to a written with or even a ghost writer. Not ready to give up my control yet. I have serveral related novels plotted and may go that route as I am an old lady with a leaky brain.

Probably more than you are interested in hearing, but I am not troubled by writer’s block.

I enjoy the various opinions and ideas on the list. My marketing efforts are moving ahead. Started a blog Merlin and Me–mainly about my journey as an author but focusing primarily on my efforts to market. Those who subscribe (http://merlinandme.wordpress.com) and get a free copy of my prologue which has a steamy sex scene. I hear sex sells.

Peace to all.

Note, in my usual impulsivety, I did not do more than a cursory editing.

So far the one response “We don’t need any more examples of bad writing.”

I replied, “That isn’t what I am borkering for.”

And yes, I didn’t edit so brokering became borking.  Sigh.

So much for trying to create some sensitivity about others in the world of many writers.   Thinking my best revenge will be to see Merlin and Meredyth out-sell all those writing on that list who  judge only on grammar and spelling.

Here is how my edited version of the above reads:

HOW THE ABOVE SHOULD READ: The Great King Pendragon is speaking to Merlin and Meredyth near the novel’s end.  He reward the Roman Priests.

“I have rewarded those who stayed loyal to me with Morvawn’s holdings and slain those who followed him.

 “They want to sprinkle me, but I don’t have patience with their prattling or bead rattling.   However, I am the Great King, you young ones may want to consider following their ways at least outwardly.  I have said the same to the guards who will accompany you.  If you cannot do so, be meek.  I hear from the Roman Priests that their God’s son said, the meek will inherit the earth. “

He fell quiet for a few minutes.

Then with a smirk and a booming laugh, “Of course, he might have been referring to their graves.  Now leave.”

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Understand what other people treasure and hold dearest.  Often that means you will not meet their standards and be criticized.  Then you have a number of choices.  You can continue to try to explain your point of view, you can give up on them, you can get nasty, you can ignore the feedback, you can take what is true in the feedback and use it to your advantage.  I am sure you can add a few more choices.

Staying strong is about knowing you when have choices, knowing what those choices are, knowing the choices you make, and knowing how to soldier on when you don’t have a choice.

FUEL MY HOPES:  Be kind to  me,  get kindness badges for you, and help others get and stay strong.  Kindness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Click here for all 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.



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