PUT OFFS “Put off today what can be done tomorrow” remains and will remain one of my staying strong mottos, For many, procrastination,  doing what you want instead of what you should,  is a way of life for many.   I have learned that most of what is on my to do list gets done sooner or later and joy of joy often by someone else.  So procrastination does have its rewards.   But, that little word with big meaning, somethings should not be put of and I have been putting  off some of those.   Rewriting my will is the biggest put off;  I probably think at one level that not writing my getting that done will put off dying. I did finally get a living will written, but still need it witnessed.   I will set of goal of finishing these two chores by my birthday.  March 21st.  Will report back then.  Urge me one.

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