LAUGHTER FEEDS THE SOUL.  One of my cherished memories is hearing my father laughing at the one and only performance of my musical Westward Ha.  It was the last of the Junior Musicals presented at the University of Delaware and the critics loved it although I had stolen much of the music.   The opening scene was cowboys waking up in the middle of nowhere to an alarm clock.  The plot revolved around a handsome but shy cowboy being pushed by his horse to accept the love of the beautiful farmer’s daughter.  My father laughed when the alarm clock went off and kept laughing throughout the night.  I knew him well enough to know  his laughter  was spontaneous and true and very little prejudiced by my being the author of the show.   He loved a good joke and was good at telling them.

So who are my favorite comedians–Bob Hope, Buddy Hackett, and George Carlin top the men’s list.  And I have to add Josh Blue.  Joan Rivers, Lily Tomlin, and Lucille Ball top the women’s list.

Who makes me laugh in my personal life…my husband and without his sense of humor we would not have stayed married all these forty years.  Hint never mate  or date a man who does not have a sense of humor.  He tops the  men’s list and my sons seem to have inherited his style.  The women’s list is topped by Anabelle Rodriquez.  She was one of my staff and kept her humor hidden from the big boss I was when I first knew her.  Thanks to Facebook we connected at a different level  and her status messages keep me laughing.     Close behind is another former colleague and Facebook friend–Deirdre De Leo-Kiernan, and finally another Facebook friend and blogger Ayelet Survivor.  Laughing keeps us strong, so does gratitude and I am grateful my life has included so many who know how to share good laughs.

Topic #27 Who are the three funniest people in the world? Who are the three funniest people you know personally?


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