Ten years ago,  when I was first diagnosed with a platelet disorder, my oncologist said I had at least another twenty  years.   If I am lucky that means ten more years.  Would I like another extension?  Yes, but with some conditions–no further mental or physical deterioration. Would I like to live forever?  Probably not.  Why not?  I suspect that in time one would have done everything, learned everything, become tired of everything–tired even  of those things that one find’s most pleasurable.    If that is not the case, then I might opt for eternal life.  I do love living and do have an immense curiously to see if we the people ever figure out how to live at peace and who else inhabits the worlds outside our own.

I read an interesting comment recently, sorry don’t remember the citation, but it talked about fears of death as correlated with faith.  The faithful go to more extreme measures to stay alive; but the atheists tend to accept death more easily.  Intuition says the opposite should hold true.  My skeptical self wonders if great faith is not a reaction to the fear of death and those who accept no deities have long accepted death and only wish not to prolong it.

More than death, I fear prolonging my death.  My background as a medical social worker embedded that fear for I saw too many deaths painfully prolonged and as a result too many families traumatized and some impoverished.  So unlike the poet who said “Rage against the night,”  I want to  quietly and peacefully turn out the light before life itself has become unbearable.  Stay strong.

Topic #29 If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?

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  1. Wonderful reflection, Katherine.

    If I felt like I did 13 years ago, I might be willing to live forever . . . I still had the energy and inclination to meet and befriend new people on a regular basis.

    But, like you, if my body and mind continue to deteriorate, I have no desire to hang around for all eternity ~ especially after all my family and friends have departed stage left.

    I suspect that you are right. Those who fear death, feel a greater need to embrace faith. Those who don’t fear death are satisfied to go it alone.

    I am not at all afraid of dying. I am afraid of dying painfully. One night, if I’m lucky, I’ll just slip away into peaceful oblivion.

    If I’m real lucky, I’ll find that I continue to exist as Spirit only . . . with no aches and pains to slow me down. 🙂

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