WHAT DO MY NEIGHBORS THINK?   One of the wonderful things about living in an apartment building in the Bronx was we all went in and out the same door and you got to know most of your neighbors some  on a superficial level, but others as friends and neighbors you know would be there if you needed help.  Not so in Colorado.  Not that people aren’t friendly, but living where the buildings were planned so every one is part of only two apartments per floor means rare encounters.  I have established some rapport with the dog lovers and David and I managed to find some swimming pool friends during the summer, but I have to say all my ideas about what my neighbors think are figments of my imagination.

One of life’s greatest delusions is thinking you know what others think about you.   I see myself as kind and caring, funny and wise.  Suspect those who don’t know me see doddering old lady who has nothing to offer.  I do flirt a lot with the young people at the super market and they have come to see me as kindly and witty.  Well, at least they laugh at my jokes.  Hopefully, honestly.  As I say, thinking you know another’s thoughts is delusional.

The greatest affirmation is the love of someone who sees you as you are, makes no pretense to pretend you are flawless, and loves you anyway.  That is true love and rare;  I am lucky to have such love and many  friendships of that caliber in my life.  Stay strong.

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