FAILURE  TO POST  Yesterday, my first failure to post every day.  Sigh.  It was a wonderful day, filled with good company, the peace of the Shabbat, falling snow, resting, and when Shabbat was over memory failure.  Sigh again.   The trick is to not let one set back become two, three, four.   Learned that from falling off  horses as a girl.  Got back on after I broke my wrist, got back on after one bucking bronco broke my foot, got back on and then in time got off and went to the emergency room.  When I tore the ligaments in my left knee skiing, couldn’t get back on—the knee kept jumping out of its socket and I have  never  skied again.

So here are the topic I missed:  Topic 37:  Describe the  one that got away.  Need I say more?

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