WHAT DO YOU SAY WHEN YOU HIT YOUR THUMB AND NOT THE NAIL?  OR WHEN SOMEONE KEEPS TWITCHING YOUR LAST NERVE?   My parents said “Shit and Bull Shit” a lot, so when I hit my thumb instead of the nail, “SHIT” is my preferred word.   Sometimes I flip the bird and add as David taught me “Pivot” to the gesture.

If someone offends me, really offends me, F— You comes to mind if not always out of my mouth.

Fuck is my absolute  favorite word of ill repute.  I particularly like to use it to shock people. Nice old ladies don’t say Fuck.    So it creates shock and when I taught, I could get lots of laugher going with a well placed Fuck and naughty girl look.  Said it today to a saleswoman.  My exact quote,  “At a certain age you don’t give a flying fuck what others think. ” Rocked her shocks and made her laugh.

Now here is a twist.  The F and other words have  lost much power over the years.   Ethnic slurs continue to provoke out rage and can get someone fired, but George Carlin’s seven  dirty words are in danger of  becoming common place.   Do you know those seven  words?  

Here’s the list shit, piss, cunt, fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.

Three hundred and fifty-eight   of our foster children and  my own children will tell you that I was Mrs Goody-Mouth as a parent and any Ms or Mr Potty  Bad Mouth speaking in my presence evoked out rage,  banishment, and a fine.   Our first six foster children would say I  didn’t care what was said and only punished deeds.  Four of those six kids became violent in our care and taught me, that cursing someone  has a purpose.

Venting anger works if you feel heard.   Curse someone in anger and don’t  get a response and usually you curse longer and louder.  You want them to know you are pissed.   When angry words don’t work you escalate to more violent acts.   So cursing is a safety valve and needs to be kept in place, but also  not seen as evil in itself.

I have reported else where that as a seven-year old I had  my mouth washed out with Old Dutch cleanser  for simply asking what the word “Fuck” meant.    I  know a five-year old who  used the fuck word and was shamed in front of his class and his parents made to write a note they had discussed the matter with him.  He was told he would be sent to the principal’s office if he used the word ag again.  When I  asked if he know its meaning, he didn’t.  I suspect in time the F word may become his favorite; after all it became mine in face of my mother’s over reaction.

Stay strong.

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