Topic #87 Imagine you get a magic gold ticket that lets you travel through space and time to see any band, or music act, living or dead, together or broken up, live at a venue near you. Who would you pick? Why?

The King before he was famous, just a few of us and that sweetly sexy boy drinking beer and being blown way.

Mozart comes in next, then Willie Nelson, Beethoven, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and finally Neil Diamond.  All men who turn me on in one way or another and whose music has never bored.

Staying Strong Tip:  Music is a great way to quiet the negative voices that weaken our emotional fitness.  Although I no longer hear well, I can hear the music in my head and it keeps me strong.  Singing or humming one of my favorite songs always lifts my spirits.

Keep caring and stay strong.

My apologies for not know where I found this picture so cannot give credit where credit is due.  It was a free image site.

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