TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG?  Do you read blogs?  Do you blog?  Do you have a favorite post or poster?  The Daily Post Challenge  asked you to repost a favorite blog post and comment on it.  Well, I blog and I have lots of favorite posts.  Currently at the top of my list of favorites is a post about acceptance. Think I reposted it yesterday, or was it the day before–time  does fly when you are getting older and older?

Anyway, very recently, I posted this  post from the Sprouting Daisy Blog as one of my DAILY POST CHALLENGE RE-POSTS..  The topic of K.B’s post was how she learned to accept having Cystic Fibrosis and go on with her life.  I talked on my post about radical acceptance, something K.B. clearly models.

I am delighted at this opportunity to repost it.  Hopefully, those who read it will think about what matters, be grateful for all they have and visit  K.B.s blog to  thank her for caring and sharing her courage and wisdom.

Now a shift back to blogging and blogs.  As should be clear to my Facebook friends and anyone who reads my blog, I love sharing and writing.  I equally love reading and I love meeting and getting to know new people.  Sadly, I am finding myself I am spending too much time connecting and trying to stay connected.  I may have five or six more years of productive writing left.  My brain is dribbling away and I know some of you want to rush and say you just don’t see that happening.  But I do and I want to leave some of the wisdom I have gathered over the years to others to read–if only one of my grandchildren in some distant day.

I raise this issue for two reasons, one to apologize if I connect but only stay loosely connected; I do try to respond to all email and messages sent by way, but know some get lost along the way.  Secondly,  I want to ask how you manage to deal with time constraints and the wish to write,  to connect and stay connected .  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Sharing, caring, trying to stay strong.

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Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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