YOU TEN YEARS AGO. YOU TEN YEARS FROM NOW?   Topic #124: Make a prediction about life in 2021. Tip: Look back at life in 2001 and what you remember thinking 2011 would be like. Compare it to what actually happened. Use that to help you think about predicting something about 2021.

Ten years ago mostly I remember that working  for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York directing crisis programs for families with children at risk of psychiatric hospitalization in the  Mott Haven section of the South Bronx, teaching as an adjunct professor at  Columbia School of Social Work and Smith College School of  Social Work.  Think we were living in Harrison, New York with Whisper our dog and planning to move to the Bronx.   Whisper is still with us.  Neither son was married, although one was in a relationship with the girl he married; he was still in college.  The other son was “finding himself.”  David was working as an independent business broker.  We had enough but just.

I was 64 and had been diagnosed three years earlier with a platelet disorder  but was guaranteed by my very competent oncologist that I had another good twenty years ahead of me if I stayed on low doses of chemotherapy.  That seems to be making me shed more hair then grows back.   At around the same time I was also diagnosed with  atrial flutter and signs of tiny strokes.  That meant taking the blood thinning drug some call rat poison but is officially known as Coumadin. In 2003, I stood up suddenly and went stone deal in one ear–sudden hearing loss it is called.  Not nice and I am also slowly losing my hearing in the other ear.  I have also had cataract surgery twice and recently shed my gall bladder.  Sigh.  But as my doctors say “You are in great health for someone your age.”  Better than hearing I’m doing poorly for someone my age, but I’d sill like the body I had 30 years ago.

In 2001, I expected to retire at some point,but not in the near future.  I also hoped to see  the business I started in 1986 or there abouts  Emotional Fitness Training, Inc.  make money doing good.  Now I am supposedly retired, and  still hoping to make money doing good which is why I blog a lot, and have decided to do E-publishing.   Have managed to put my first book When Good Kids Do Bad Things as a freebie on my blog.  Free for now, Spanish edition going up also free for now, but when I get my web page a bit re-tooled will sell both for a low E-book price.  Have a great many other things to post and first give away–the doing good part, and then sell, the make money part.

I did retire from the Visiting Nurse Service of New York in 2006, but went immediately to work for the Mental Health Association of New York City.  Stopped working there in June of 2009.

Have added to my wish list writing a novel about the Wizard Merlin’s search for a faith and direction to his life.  His mother is a pagan priestess who believes he is destined to be a king-maker and his father is a Jewish Mercenary who only wants him to be a good Jew. He is torn between both their faiths  and ultimately becomes an alchemist with no belief in Gods or Goddesses but who does become a king-maker.   Lots of sex, rape, and bashing of religion and the power hungry.   Started that about 25 years ago, but only did three chapters.  Now two thirds done.  Hopefully, will publish that as an Ebook. No quarantees however, Merlin has a mind of his own, keeps taking me down strange paths that mean re-writing earlier chapters, but we are plugging along bit by bit. Moreover, it fills my now with a project that is all mine and that I love.

In 2001 I was w0rried  about my kids making it. One had left college after two years and was still “finding himself.”  He finally went to the right lost and found and  now runs his own runs his own business and works at a second job off season while putting his son’s mother through college and providing most of the child care.  He is a wonderful father as is his brother.

Second son anever expected to get into to college, and although it took a while, he graduated with honors from Cal-Poly. He works a fourteen hour a day at the moment, but in a field he loves.  He and wife are expecting son number two.  Both boys are buying their houses, both see us as a bit wacky, but loving and want us very involved in their lives and with their children.

Second son was the reason we moved to Colorado.  “We want to start a family and can’t do it without your support.” Number one son agreed to the move, “I’ve had you near and now it is their turn.”  Not that we aren’t missed and don’t miss number one son and grandson.  Sigh.  Can’t have it all.

In 2001, did I predict I would be living in Colorado happily providing day care for a grandson?  Not  at all.  I feel so lucky to he doing this and so happy for David also.  He is a fantastic grandfather, both our grandsons adore him.  Lucky us.

Finances still press and it is becoming almost enough, but we are far from alone in that and still much better off then many.  But I do predict we will have a new address this year.  The rent here is going up as our income goes down.  Sigh.

My good doctor back home predicted I had twenty years left, and I hope if I saw him today, he’d say another 20, but one thing I know you can’t predict how long or well you are going to live.  I would like to see my grandchildren into their teens, but that is a want and not a prediction.  I write now hoping to leave them a way to know me.  I also write to share my knowledge for I realized about 20 years ago I was a bit smarter than the average bear as the saying goes.  How much will get done, saved, read, spread, I just don’t know.

I have learned to be content if I can predict my week and have the prediction be half way correct.  I will hazard a few guesses. If still alive by 2021, I suspect I will be totally deaf, wearing a wig, a bit dizzier, more demented–wacky please, but hopefully still able to be grateful for what is. Still loved my children and grandchildren.   Not sure I will still be able to write coherently.  Hope so, but my brain does dribble away.

Staying strong tip:  You cannot predict your future, you can only live now, plan a bit for when things go wrong as they will, hope for the best, and live to take every bit of good you can out of your now.  Now is not forever.

Share, care, stay strong.

IMAGE hubertonraeteslteacher.site90.net  Picked this one for the Merlin like character, although he is nothing like my Merlin.

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