LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT, DESCRIBE THE THIRD THING YOU SEE.  The Daily Post Challenge is primarily designed to help you overcome writer’s block–not a problem for me generally, although I do get stuck on specific stuff I am writing and on re-writing things over and over, to improve both your writing skills and your blog, and finally, to  increase traffic to your blog.  Today’s assignment is a writing exercise.

The third object that caught my eye was a good-by gift given me by one of my foster children.  Alice V. and I wonder where you are and how you are.  Suspect you are okay.  You were a good kid and really not doing anything bad.  Anyway the object as you can see is a hippopotamus.  He is a candle and I have kept him  on my desk for almost thirty years.  He is cute, he is blue–my favorite color, but mostly he reminds me of Alice and the many good kids who lived with us as foster children.  I am a sentimentalist at heart and this little hippo fills my heart.

He is sitting next to some Colorado Rocks.  I love rocks and collect them.  Had to leave behind something like twenty bags of rocks when we moved.  Only competition were our books.  The books found homes, but the rocks ended up in one of the park’s near our apartment.  I did  keep maybe two bags–some jade we collected on Jade Beach, some unsually shaped ones and a few people had given me–remember I am a sentimentalist.

Why rocks?  Two reasons.  They fill me with awe about this huge rock we call earth, its creation, its power.  John Mcphee‘s various geology based books have served as tutors and one of the things I love about Colorado is how the mountains rise up from the plains and the rocks tell the story of American’s creation.   Rocks also remind me that life goes on, keeps me humble, and allows me to Be With Beauty. Rocks rock.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Surrounding yourself through pictures and other mementoes so you to more easily re-live good times and the feelings those times gave you.   Thank you Alice where every you are for filling my heart with joy over these many years.

Share, care, and stay strong.

IMAGE by me.

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