WHAT WOULD YOU SAVE IN A FIRE?  If David and Whisper were safe, I’d grab my big red pocketbook.  It has  my credit cards, car keys, an emergency supply of our medications, an emergency card with all the important phone numbers on it,  a bit of money, a flash-drive with my most important writings and pictures on it; prescription sunglasses; usually my cell phone,  camera ,book, some puzzles, pencils, and a small note pad;  a small emergency kit complete with small flashlight,  compass, matches, nail clippers,  lip balm, hearing aid batteries, a small Swiss army type tool, a few band aids, and a survival strap.

Because I directed a crisis team I am a bit more attuned to thinking about emergencies.  David teases me a lot about my attachment to my pocketbook, but will admit that several of my “emergency” items have come in handy.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Everyone in the family should carry a 911 Emergency card with medical conditions, medications, allergies, and contact phone numbers including MD and two family members besides those you live with.   Most cell phones have a place to story emergency information.  Use it.

Care, share, stay strong.


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