DROPPING OUT   This week it all caught up with me.  Think it started with remembering my father and his lost dreams.  Then David has been taking a course and has not been here to help with Ben.  Finally, my best childhood friend visited for five days. So I’ve been busier, had less time to write, lots of sapping of my energy and the sadness of wondering if and when my friend and I will meet again.

So I dropped out of the Daily Post Challenge.  Well, not all the way out, but I just couldn’t muster the strength to respond to questions like, “Would I make a good President?” or today’s” Stand Up or Die.’  We are dying every day.  Once you accept that the rest gets a both easier and much harder.  The easier part is appreciating all you have, focusing on what matters; the hard part is your decaying body and the fact that you simply don’t have enough time left to do all you want to do, read the books you want to read, write the books you want to write, see your grandchildren grown with children of their own.

Guess what?  I’m depressed.  That happens to me when I am sick or stressed or too tired.  Life goes on or at least until it is over, and with luck,  I will get back to my usual me in a day or two.    For now, this is the best I can do. A few of you have left comments that I have not yet responded to.  I do appreciate them.  thank you.

Share, care, and stay strong., I’m doing what I can and that is all that can be asked of anyone.

IMAGE:  None, too listless to look for one.


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